Social Entreprenuership

In my words, entrepreneurs establish companies or start up, social entrepreneurs find solutions in order to aid humanity. Entrepreneurship is exist in people innates, they have some characteristic features such as leadership, smart and open minded. Also, social entreprenuers realize the gaps then take acts for develop them. To illustrate, in east of Turkey, some girls could not go to schools because of parents ideas, some social entreprenuers informed that crucial situation to government, thereafter government started campaign which was ‘’haydi kızlar okula’’ in ten years ago. Thus, it was a great solution for them and that problem was solved. In today’s world, there are many social business models but few business models do organizations fairly. If, their priority any aim out of find solutions for people it can not be right business model. Therefore, they will not do great works in the long-term since all of them obligate to disappear one day. Moreover, I reviewed Sabancı Change Makers evaluation report, it was well organization. They find lack of education, health, social justice etc. in any part of Turkey, then they take acts in order to develop these.

Sustainable Development Goals

The best definition so far coined for sustainable development is the one given by World Commission on Environment and Development (Brundtland Commission) which runs as the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” We should be aware of what happens in expect in a world of one’s own and take acts in order to develop. Also, when we realize deficiency in somewhere we are obligated to end thus that should be major purpose of humanity. If one people do not care of other people or next generations it means nothing for humanity. Furthermore, there are several goals which can be achieved by the end of 2030. Quality education (4) and Good health and well-being (3) are these two goals are relevant. Quality education has priority to good health and well-being since well doctors should be received quality education before treatment. Therefore, governments should provide quality education to students also they can be on their fields also end these two issues.